Can the Muslim Brotherhood ever tell the Truth?

Anyone that has ever known Muslim Brotherhood type of Islamists knows them to have a peculiar relationship, if not a highly tenuous relationship, with being truthful. Dr. Hazem Kandil’s (Lecturer in Political Sociology at the University of Cambridge) book, “Inside the Brotherhood” has made this assessment after studying the relationship between the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its own members:

“The Brotherhood’s most frequent violation, however, had always been disinformation. In the words of a particularly harsh dissident, Brothers “lie as often as they breathe” (Khirbawi 2012: 269). Again, it is all religiously sanctioned. Prophet Muhammad once said that ‘war is deception’. Since Brothers are involved in a perpetual war against the enemies of Islam, then deception is the order of the day. For example, Brothers could be disingenuous when dismissing critiques, even if they were true, because critics most likely hated Islam. They could also lie to get ahead in the world, since the personal success of Muslims strengthens Islam as a whole. Brothers could even lie to each other. Leaders must lie to followers to hide their flaws lest these followers lose faith in them, and so in the organisation, and perhaps in Islam itself. And followers often lie to leaders about the most trivial things (why they showed up late to a meeting or failed to turn up somewhere) so they will not become marginalised and miss their chance to serve Islam (Taqrir” 2007). Indeed, never has lying for the sake of Islam been more systematic.

That being said, only an unfair critic could accuse Islamists of deliberate malice. The truth of the matter is: Islamism, like any other ideology…An ideology developed at such a low ebb in Islamic history…is expected to seek hope in divine deliverance and to do whatever it takes to survive.” (from page, 118)

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