Winston Churchill justifies the UK-France-Israeli conspiratorial 1956 invasion of Egypt.

Below (maybe, digitally for the first time) is Winston Churchill’s statement endorsing the UK/France/Israeli invasion of Egypt October-November 1956. Churchill is clearly in favour of the conspiracy by claiming it was all Egypt’s fault that Israel is invading it. The invasion left the UK and France with no option but to “restore peace”. Churchill’s pack of lies was made to his constituents and printed in the Guardian on the 5th November 1956.

In the inter-war years Churchill was known as an advocate of using mustard gas on Arabs and Kurds to quell rebellions against the British Empire. He had supported the colonisation of Palestine with European Jews at the expense of the indigenous population in a genocidal manner,

“I do not admit that the dog in the manger has the final right to the manger, even though he may have lain there for there for a very long time…I do not admit, for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America, or the black people of Australia…”

But to his constituents he refers to British history in the region as an endeavour to “confer on them the benefits of justice and freedom from internecine wars.”   

He also hints at the notion that because the United States has not acted in the manner UK and French imperialism want, they had no choice but to invade Egypt for the benefit of “world peace”.


“I think that my constituents may wish to have a brief statement of the reasons that led me to support the Government on the Egyptian issue. The British connection with the Middle East is a long and honourable one. Many of the states there owe their origin and independence to us.

In peace we have assisted them in many ways, financially, technically, and with our advisors in every sphere. In war we have defended them at great cost. Above all, we have endeavoured to confer on them the benefits of justice and freedom from internecine wars. In the last few years the United State, France, and we ourselves have been principally concerned with keeping the peace between Israel and her neighbours. In spite of all our endeavours, the frontiers of Israel have flickered with murder and armed raids.

Egypt, the principle instigator of these incidents, had openly rejected and derided the tripartite declaration by which we, the French and the Americans sought to impose restraint. The last few days have brought events to a head. Israel, under the greatest provocations, erupted against Egypt. In this country we had the choice of taking decisive action or admitting once and for all our inability to put an end to strife.

Unfortunately recent months have shown us that at present it is not possible to hope in this area for American co-operation on the scale and wish the promptness necessary to control events. Her Majesty’s Government and the Government of France have reacted with speed. I regret profoundly that the Egyptian reaction has forced the present course on us. But I do not doubt that we can shortly lead our course in a just and victorious conclusion.

We intend to restore peace and order to the Middle East and I am convinced that we shall achieve our aim. The American alliance remains the keystone of our policy. I am confident that our American friends will come to realise that, not for the first time we have acted independently for the common good.

World peace, the Middle East, and our national interest will surely benefit in the long run from the Government’s resolute action. They deserve our support.”

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