What Criteria Does MI5 use to Monitor would-be Jihadis?

In the aftermath of the murderous rampage on Wednesday 22nd March on Westminster Bridge, the media has once again informed us there are between 2000-3000 suspected would be jihadists under surveillance by MI5, the British intelligence security agency. Yet somehow, Khalid Masood aka Adrian Ajao, somehow slipped off their radar.

Mr. Masood is the prime suspect behind the killing of four people as he careered his hired vehicle over Westminster Bridge and then stabbing a police officer to death. The assailant was then seen to be neutralised by an armed officer.

In light of two factors about Mr.Masood that were quickly established, it is perfectly natural to ask what criteria are the intelligence services using to justify surveillance of potential jihadis? First factor, a Muslim targeting innocent civilians is a trait very much associated with Wahhabi-Salafi interpretation of Islam. More so, only Wahhabi-Salafi Sheikhs have theologically justified this tactic. Mr. Masood had spent time in Saudi Arabia, the home place of Wahhabi-Salafism, allegedly teaching English. According to the Sunday Times, his first spell in Saudi Arabia was in 2005 for a year and the second spell in 2008 for another year. Secondly, we also know that before his conversion to Islam, he was prone to violence serving time in prison as consequence on two occasions.

So the picture of the assailant we have, is one of a convicted criminal certainly not afraid to result to extreme violence, who converted to the Salafi-Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. And as the Sunday Times informs us in the same article, “about 2,500 fighters have joined from Saudi Arabia, the second highest contingent from any single country after Tunisia.” Needless to say, fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 9/11 came from this desert kingdom.

One wonders, that if Mr. Masood was only a “peripheral figure” to use the words of British Prime Minister, Theresa May what criteria is used to track the more ‘central’ figures that Her Majesty’s Government supposedly has under tabs? And more importantly which posh-gobbed jobsworth(s) drew up the criteria?

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