David Aaronovich and the Lie of the “Statue-Toppling Spree”

Perennial warmonger and Rupert Murdoch hack, David Aaronovich continues kicking away at the now defeated Jeremy Corbyn attempt to take charge of the British state. The Johnson-Cummings duo routed Labour more than six months ago in an electoral landslide which on paper guarantees a Tory government for at least the next five years.

But old habits die hard and Aaronovich not only wants Corbyn types defeated but well and truly buried to the extent that such an egalitarian threat never arises again. In his latest article he singles out Corbyn’s predecessor, Ed Miliband, for special attention claiming that the, “magic seeds of the Corbyn beanstalk were sown in a period when Mr. Miliband distanced himself from his immediate Labour predecessors…” Truly shocking that Miliband had wanted to distance himself from none other than Tony Blair. What type of moron would want to do that?

Tony Blair before becoming Prime Minister had endeared himself to Aaronovich’s sugar daddy, Murdoch by travelling half way across the world to deliver a speech at a Murdoch conference. When Blair unleashed the dogs of hell and invaded Iraq, the Murdoch media were his leading cheerleaders and the great media mogul had declared him “extraordinarily courageous”. Who cares if the sanctions regime of the 1990s had already killed hundreds of thousands and a further untold hundreds of thousands were to die, what was important for Murdoch was that the price of a barrel of oil would be reduced to $20 which when trickled down to the West would be the equivalent to a tax cut:

“The greatest thing to come out of this [invasion of Iraq] for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.”

Needless to say and unlike Corbyn, Aaronovich was fully on board in the war on Iraq and he seems to be no less a propagandist on domestic events as he is a warmonger. In the same article, he also claims there has been a “statue-toppling spree” in the UK recently. Now, admittedly there have challenges and a healthy debate in Britain for the first time in its history about colonial statues largely as a result of the American uprising after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May 2020. But a “statue-toppling spree”! Really?

A quick internet search to find the exact definition of spree reveals that it can mean:

“a short period of doing a particular, usually enjoyableactivity much more than is usual


“an unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity


“a session of considerable overindulgence, esp in drinking, squandering money, etc”

The enslaver Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol was genuinely toppled and the authorities pre-emptively removed another enslaver and sugar plantation owner, Robert Milligan’s statue in London Docklands. Oxford University has now agreed to remove the imperialist Cecil Rhodes from one of its buildings. By no stretch of the imagination is this a “spree”. Only one statue was toppled. Admittedly, in the United States the statues of past evil white supremacists are being enthusiastically toppled by protestors but in this green and pleasant land, the statues of yesteryear’s evil white supremacists still securely decorate the “urban landscape” and their globalists ghosts may even still drive contemporary British foreign policy.

In conclusion, the “statue-toppling spree” exists nowhere in Britain but in Aaronovich’s head – very much like Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

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