Exposing the Bullsh*t of Professor Laleh Khalili on Iran

The NATO military intervention in Libya in 2011 separated the wheat from the chaff for many people. Those who still support the so-called “Libyan revolution” never mention that it was NATO warplanes that ultimately dislodged the rule of Muammar Ghadhaffi and rendered a once prosperous and independent Libya into a basket case of refugees, slavery, human trafficking and warring jihadi warlords. The ultimate act of blowback from this intervention was the Manchester Arena suicide bombing of 2017 which killed 22 people. For these people there is no connection between British military intervention in Libya and an off-script jihadi blowing himself up in the imperial metropole. These same people who rarely speak of what NATO and its de-facto jihadi henchmen did to Libya also keep their heads well down when it comes to the dirty war on Syria. The GCC, Turkey, Israel and the West joined forces to support the Islamist crazies to not only over throw the Syrian government but destroy the state a la Libya. The CIA’s Operation Timber Sycamore means nothing to these people.

This essay is about one of these people. A British based academic with supposedly left wing leanings and courageously declared pronouns. Like many lefty academics, Professor Khalili has had nothing to say about the regime change operations in Libya and Syria or the nasty British guided war on Yemen which has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis but has made British Aerospace billions in arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Like most left leaning British based academics, the domestic politics and society of the United States is the platform she uses to express, furbish and flex her left leaning opinions. During last year’s Zionist war on Palestine, she erroneously informed her tens of thousands of Twitter followers that the Axis of Resistance states i.e Syria and Iran use the Palestinians as “pawns”. But it may well be that it is actually the Professor who is a “pawn” of some shadowy political organisation or at the very least she knows which contemporary issues to avoid to maintain her socio-cultural position.

Most dictionaries would define “bullshit” as making a statement in order to deceive or trick. It is my opinion that this was the intention behind the tweet. From another angle, the tweet wasn’t written in ignorance because Professor Khalili is surrounded by books and has first hand experience of Iranian politics and history. Therefore, a very credible assumption is that her intention was to bullshit her social media followers. I discuss the flawed tweet here.

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